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Why God May Not Be Giving You Answers and What To Do about It

Photo by Craig Tidball

When I was growing up, we had glass back doors in our home. While the front of the house had a hospitable front porch and looked out onto the driveway there was always a certain level of being aware of what was coming and being alert. The back door was the door for family and privacy. It looked out on the back yard not so much with anticipation of someone coming but rather with the creativity of a private space to have adventures. You didn’t have to worry about who was passing or what they thought. You didn’t have to worry about expectations. The back door was the way to get directly into the kitchen, the communal place. The place where we had all of our meals and could lay on the cold floor if we felt like it. If you entered through the front door, you were greeted by the living room—a room we tried to keep tidy and respectable for guests. It was the buffer between guests and our real lives (not that there was anything distasteful to hide…the rest of it was just…

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